Chelsea skippo Don talk say the small number of players day worry am

Chelsea skippo Gary cahill talk say chelsea no fit day lose players to injury as him don talk say we go cheat ourselves if our players no day enough for this coming season

Chelsea finish deir pre season with 3 lose in a row something way don dey worry chelsea fans the last lose na against arsenal for inside penarity for community shield

Antonio conte been even day complain about the small number of players way him get which even make am name 19 years old boy kyle scott for inside him subs against arsenal

As eden hazard and timoue bakayoko get injury and dem no fit play against burnley and antonio conte don talk say he get only 14 experienced players for him squad to face burnley

4 things way we don notice after we lose to inter

conte day struggle with creativity
after we don lose to bayern munich and inter for inside pre seezin fans don day talk say make conte change him formation as d formation no day accomodate creative players even though we day miss eden hazard we no suppose day struggle like that because of one player

Batshuayi na playa for 45 mins only

The pre seezin don show us say batshuayi fit perform for only 45 mins as he day struggle in the other part of the game as he no get that kind gas after him press inter defenders for first half the performance way he produce for inside second half no day impressive

Our wing backs don day struggle

Moses and alonso na the most important part of that chelsea formation as the formation no fit work if dem no perform this one affect us wellah as alonso ball control day very bad we day hope say chelsea go do something about the wing backs even though we don hear say chelsea want alex sandro bad bad

Make morata day play striker 

As we don see for pre seezin morata for wing no be good idea as dem day foul am too much and he day make some stupid decisions the only better tin way he day do na to day give chelsea free kick dis na sign to conte say make he no day play am out of position

Morata don collect Number

Our new boy from spain Alvaro morata don collect squad no. And na dat dangerous no.9 him collect

No.9 way people like torress and hasseilbank don wear for chelsea na the jersey way people day reason say get curse on top am as anybody way wear am day flop

The last person way wear am na falcao of monaco and as him wear am him experience the worst season of him career 

We day wish say our young striker go throwe all this report collect the no.9 and shine for inside am.

Chelsea Don day move for Brazilian Starboy

Na chelsea day better position to land brazilian boy Richarlison, as we day see.

the 20 yrs old boy way be say daily mail don already report say him don sign for ajax day the blues wishlist and dem day plan steal am from ajax before him complete the move.

The boy way day play for u20 brazil team get £12m on top him head reports for italy day show say him don almost join premier league team as no be chelsea be the only epl team way get interest on top am tension day rise.

This boy way fit play as a winger get 7 goals to him name for inside 16 apps 

Antonio conte wan add another striker before we enter new season way day come and e don day look like  say na richarlison.

We never finish our business for this transfer: Conte

Even when he don carry 4 new players enter chelsea this summer antonio conte don comot talk say he never finish.

Him talk say we gas improve the squad as we day face 4 competition next seezin him say na “we get 16 players without the goalkeepers and as we wan face 4 competition we gas add more” 

Chelsea day phase way we must build better foundation for seasons way day come because we no fit make mistake if we wan be successful club Conte talk say he don follow the club talk and him don tell dem wetin him want now na remain dem to do their part.

Morata Deal Don day done remain confirmation

Alvaro morata way day pla for real madrid go become chelsea playa for inside small time way day come.

The 24 year old don prove himself as better front man for inside juventus way he play under conte and for real madrid currently way be say even as he no day play weekly him involvement for goal day show say him day get hand for goal every 70 minutes, na only messi day more involved.

As things day go e be like say he go sharply link up with the remaining chelsea squad for pre season for inside china way we go first play arsenal, if this deal happen e go give chelsea players better ginger as dem go see say as costa no day chelsea don replace am sharpaly with person way day very capable. 

Fabregas day talk on top terry matter

Fabregas comot talk am for interview say the time way he day play for arsenal the player way he no been like na john terry as the two of dem day always get gbege for inside field he talk say na, even with the gbege he been always day respect terry because of wetin him bin day do for chelsea.
He talk say na dis season way end na the most difficult for terry as him waka comot from the club way he spend more dan 20 yrs for, terry na the most decorated player for chelsea history he win 5 premier league, 1 champions league, 1 europa league, 5 Fa cups and 3 league cups fabregas comot talk say na chelsea go miss the presence of terry both inside the pitch and outside but dem no fit do anything except to wish am goodluck.

Chelsea get strong interest on top aguero head

The tori way day reach us now na say chelsea wan carry aguero of man city take replace costa way day go, Aguero way jesus don beat am for starting line up of man city go day reason leave there as him go need first team action based on say world cup na next year but e go hard make man city owner and manager gree for this deal as chelsea and man city na strong rivals 

Costa no care about Chelsea

This picture na from the live video way costa do yesterday and e do am when he day wear athletico jersey even though him contract never finish with chelsea. He day show everybody for chelsea no matter wetin go happen e no go play for chelsea again e day go athletico this one na very undisiplined character and chelsea don make up their mind to sell am.