Match Report: Chelsea 2 Vs Burnley 3

The match no start as we for like as skippo Cahill chop red card afta im fly like ninja come tackle one Burnley player for 14 minutes of the match and anoda one be say we come lose away first opening-day match since 1998.

The red card Gary Cahill chop affect us wella as Chelsea come chop three kondo from Burnley hand before 1st half finish.

For second half, Chelsea rallied dem selves and come show why dem be Premier League champions as dey try come back for the game. As dey commot Batshuayi wey dey wakka for the match as if say na im papa get Stamford Bridge, come bring in Mr PEPPER/ Morata, the bobo no waste time use im head scatter post with one superb goal, just nine minutes into his league debut. As time dey finish, the striker use im head nack one beta long pass into David Luiz way and the Brazilian no waste time score.

Before dat goal, Cesc Fabregas too collect anoda MTN card to make am Airtel card and Chelsea come end the match with 9 players. But as the match dey finish, Chelsea try all deir best to draw the match, dey even get one final late scramble for Burnley box.

As e be, no be awa day be dis but we go recova and gats prepare for our journey to Wembley to take on Tottenham next on the agenda. 

As Conte take choose Michy Batshuayi up front and Jeremie Boga supporting him wide on the left na im for be the standout news from Antonio Conte’s first league selection of the season, but as e come be skippo recharge of Airtel card no gree the 20-year-old Ivory Coast attacker enjoy im Chelsea debut.  


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