Conte Say Him No Get Power To Stop Hazard Make He No Commot If Chelsea Wan Sell Am One Day

Antonio Conte don suggest say him dey powerless to stop Eden Hazard from leaving Stamford Bridge if Chelsea wan sell am one day.

Hazard na one of the best players in the world and na long-term target for Real Madrid, while Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain too like am.

PSG don spend a world record £198million on Neymar dis week, meaning Chelsea fit make in excess of £100m if dey wan cash in on deir prize asset.

Conte continue to insist say he no wan lose the 26-year-old but gree say no be him go talk.

Him talk: “I get respect for dis player becos he na top player, but I repeat I be coachi.

“I fit give my opinion but the final decision na club get am.

“I expect Eden to play for Chelsea. Make una no forget say we dey try to improve awa squad for numerical aspect.”


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