Chelsea Tell Diego Costa Lawyer: For You To Say We Dey Pursu Costa Commot Na “Just Nonsense”


Chelsea don describe claims dat deir head coach, Antonio Conte, dey force the striker Diego Costa commot from the club as “just nonsense”.

A lawyer wey say im dey represent Costa dey threaten to sue Chelsea ova the striker’s future.

A Chelsea spokesman come talk on Friday say: “The premise the lawyer dey put forward no good. The decision on Diego na for January dey make am. The player know the decision, im agent sef know the decision, e be like say dey no tell the lawyer the correct tin.

“The lawyer argument dat Antonio wey be im coachi dey force the player commot by text message in June na just nonsense.”

Costa, his agent Jorge Mendes and Chelsea decide for January dat the striker go commot from the Blues in the summer.

Dem link the 28-year-old with a move to the Chinese Super League during last season’s winter transfa window and dem leave am from the Blues’ squad for January’s trip to Leicester as rumours of tensions with Conte come out.


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