Courtois Don Yarn Say Chelsea No Fit Kip am for Bench Even if He No Sign New Contract

Dem ask Courtois about him Chelsea future, him yarn: “I go go back and I go see wetin dey want and how dey talk . With dis World Cup, I think wetin dem say dem wan pay me go dey different from wetin I fit collect.

“For dis World Cup, I no gree hear all the amebo. But now, in the next few days, I go yarn with my agent and see wetin Chelsea tell am, and den we go talk. But I feel hapi say I dey Chelsea, no be say I wan commot like dat.”

Courtois also give hope say e fit finish him final year of him current deal, wey mean say e go commot next summer as free agent, as he yarn:

“Pipu always dey complain say players no dey obey dia contracts, but maybe dey do.

“I no think say dem go kip someone with my qualities for bench, even if I no sign (a new contract). But maybe (staying) fit possible, becos I like am for London.”


Russia Starboy on him way to Stamford bridge!

Chelsea day plan bring aleksandra Golovin come west london after the young boy shine for world cup as them enter round of 16 (Russia)

Golovin 22 na winger for CSKA moscow, juventus bin get interest for the player but dem no gree drop money way cska ask.

Cska day find £25m on top this boy but juventus bin drop £20m plus add ons But Chelsea don day ready to drop the money way Cska day ask

Even as this boy don get hype reach some Chelsea fans day reason make we no buy since we get loftus cheek way been catch mad form for crystal palace way make England call am for World cup and our January signing Ross Barkley, how wuna see this one???

Chelsea don ready to drop money for bayern main Striker!

Chelsea day reason drop money for bayern polish strika way be robert lewandowski the obonge striker way win top scorer for bundesliga wan comot as him look for competition.

Na real madrid bin day front of cue for people way wan sign am but as “Express” day report dem don comot their hand for him matter

The big man get contract way go last till 2021 for bayern but as the tin dy be if him day ready to play for europa league and bayern accept then the big man go ball for west london next season….. Wetin wuna think about this transfer make wuna drop comments

I Fit Chop FA Cup and Sack Togeda – Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte don talk say he fit win d FA Cup with Chelsea dis weekend make dem still sack am.
The Italian team go face Manchester United 4 Wembley, wey be say if him loose, go mean say na 12 months ago Chelsea carry any trophy last.

Conte talk say: “if u gey positive situation, e dey simpu but if u get negative situation, u gas dey prepare 2 work hard. I think say dis season, I do am 2geda with my staff dem. People dey wey go judge ur work, judge d season. I dey interested in winning dis FA Cup Final, na d most important thing b dat 4 me, 4 my players”

Naso e be for Baba Passion mouth.


9170916121Oga boss for Chelsea Antonio Conte don talk say him regret say Chelsea sell Matic give united for the last transfer window.

Na Matic be the heart for the Chelsea team wey carry Premier league last season but Chelsea sell am for £40million before this season start.

The Serbian player go suppose start the Premier league match for old Trafford against him former club Chelsea on Sunday and Conte say the sell wey dem sell am dey “unfortunate”.

Wen dem ask Conte about how e go be to play against him former player, Conte say:

” I fit talk well about this player because him play for us just last season here. I think him be one of the key players wey win the Premier league. Now unfortunately, him na united player. I wish am the best not on Sunday but for future”


Tiemoue Bakayoko wey Chelsea buy take replace am dey struggle for him first season for England.

Conte agree say Matic na “big loss” to Chelsea but him no wan talk much about the matter before the match on Sunday.

Wen dem ask am about why Chelsea sell Matic to top club like Manchester united, Conte say:

“I no wan come back to talk about wetin don pass because I thinks say e no dey important, e no dey interesting to us”.

Source: Metro uk.


BATMANOne New BATMAN don show for town, no be the one wey dey live for gotham or emirate but na for Dortmund Westfalenstadion

Him Dey wear Dortmund yellow and black jersey. Him don EPP Dortmund komot for Bad tim since dem sef epp am komot for Prison for London.

Him name na Michy Batshuayi!

Na Him score two (2) goals as Dortmund comeback from 2-1 down for dia own house, wcome win the match 3-2 for dying minute against Atlanta for Europa league yesterday nite.

Before him go do him IT for Germany, the striker don score only 2 goals for 12 premier league match for Chelsea dis season. But the 24 years old don dey fly wella for him IT for Germany as him don contribute 5 goals 3 assist for only 3 games wey him don play so.

For the statistic record, na every 54 minute him dey score for Dortmund.

As Chelsea dey struggle to score goals for league, Oga boss Antonio Conte go dey blame him luck for wetin dey happen so.

Since the last time Alvaro Morata don score goal:

 –Michy Batshuayi don Score 3 times for Chelsea
– Michy Batshuayi don go loan for Dortmund
–Michy Batshuayi don  Score twice and assist one goal for him debut
–Michy Batshuayi don Score again for him second match
–Michy Batshuayi don Play him first match for Europa League
–Michy Batshuayi don Score 2 times for him Europa League first game.

Dortmund sef don dey prepare to kpake the player next transfer window open and the word wey fans dey yearn for the Westfalenstadion Stadion na “ who need Auba when you get the Bat”

Batshuayi sef don talk about him future say him be yellow and black Superhero

The Belgian talk say “I only dey think about Dortmund, I go deal with each challenge as dem dey come”

Skippo Cahill Yarn Say E Neva Chop Dis Kain Of Akpako Befor, Say E No Know Himsef Afta The Akpako

Backman Cahill, wey don win league two times in six years with the Blues, say Monday’s akpako na the club’s “lowest point of the season”.

“Dis na the worst I don feel for long time,” him tell BBC Sport.

“Performance-wise, I no know oursef or masef. The akpako dey bad.

“We jus nid to kip strong. I don tey for dis club – na to chillax now. E dey pain for bodies wella afta pesin chop dat kain akpako.”

Olivier Giroud Fit Save Chelsea, Conte Don Yarn

Olivier Giroud fit make him Chelsea debut from bench against Watford on Monday night, Antonio Conte don confam.

Even dou the Deadline Day signing from Arsenal neva dey match fit, Conte dey sure the striker fit shapaly come save Chelsea.

“Giroud, we jus start to work with am but we gats check him bodi, for sure e no go dey easy to see am play from the start on Monday,” Conte tell the club’s official website.

“We dey talk about an international player wey get plenti experience. A player wey dey play for the French national team and na 31 years old, so we are no dey yarn about a young player.

“I ask for dis type of player with dis characteristics and the club give me the opportunity to work with Giroud, so I dey veri happy.”

Na d Chelsea squad wey go play for Champions League knockout stage be dis

Antonio Conte don put all the three of him new January signing for him squad for Knockout Stages of the Champions League.
Na d Players wey go play for Champions League be dis:

Willy Caballero, Thibaut Courtois, Eduardo

Antonio Rudiger, Marcos Alonso, Davide
Zappacosta, Gary Cahill, Andreas Christensen, Cesar Azpilicueta, David Luiz, Emerson Palmieri

Dujon Sterling, Cesc Fabregas, Danny Drinkwater, N’Golo Kante, Ross Barkley, Eden Hazard, Pedro, Tiemoue Bakayoko, Victor Moses, Willian

Kyle Scott*, Alvaro Morata, Olivier Giroud, Callum Hudson-Odoi.